Why farmers are in worst conditions!!????

Around 65% of the total workforce of India is involved in farming (directly and indirectly) which contributes to 15% of the our $2.3 trillion dollar economy.
And among this 65% of population 80% of farmers comes under small and marginal category having less than 5 acre of land.
According NATIONAL CRIME RECORDS BUREAU report “5650” cases of farmers suicide are recorded annually and more than 1/2 from Maharashtra.

So what are the reasons for suicide of farmers??

1) non availability of institutionalised credit Facilities and high rate of interest ( 14%).
2) heavy debt on farmers – Private lenders charges 24-60% interest / annum.
3) Delayed and less compensation given by govt. On their crops hit by natural disaster.
4) MSP( minimum support price) Dosent support increasing inflation.
5) increase in cost of agricultural products.
6) Reduced land holdings-  land of other is divided between his sons. And hence account to less land holdings from time to time.
7) unpredictable weather season.
8) inappropriate land use and cropping pattern.

Let’s discuss what are possible remedies of this..!!

1) Re-examining the national policy for farmers(NPF)
2) RE-examining the basis of MSP(which is very imp).
3) disaster relief should be increased.
4) introducing national agricultural insurance schemes.
5) Moneylenders charging the farmers high rate of interest should be grabbed and punished.
6) Strong action should be taken against suppliers of bad seed and fertilizers.


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