OBOR: an Imperative for China to Salvage its Economy – Olive Greens Institute Blog- Olive Greens Institute SSB | NDA | CDS

India has rightly shown its indignation by refusing to attend the Forum. We are all aware that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) extends from Kashgar in China’s Xinxiang to the Gwadar port in Balochistan and runs through POK, which is highly objectionable to India.
The CPEC provides Pakistan with extensive and modern infrastructure and serves China to not only invest in Pakistan, but also intimidate India by going ahead with this project audaciously.
Chinese merchant vessels carrying goods need not to take the long route to skirt around the India peninsula, as it gets an easy access to a port of Arabian Sea, which brings a bonanza of commercial and strategic benefits to China.
Thus, India will have to stand its ground on the issue, maybe it needs to garner global support against the construction of the CPEC in POK or perhaps even resort to unethical means to foment trouble in POK/ Balochistan and continue to contest the execution of CPEC.


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